Defence Spending Cuts

There is debate about whether UK defence spending should be 2% of GDP.   Some say Russia spends 4% and is increasing it, the USA spends 4% and is decreasing.  Some such as wealthy Germany only spend 1.3%.  Considering relative GDP the USA is outspending all the rest put together.

We need to be sure no-one wants to take a chance threatening the UK and keep broad based, well equipped and highly trained armed forces able to deter, repel and to offer equivalent damage.  Much like a small bird can deter a large one due to the need for damage limitation.   2% shouldn’t be a fixation. The fixation should be is it fit for purpose in current and possible future scenarios.  Our democracy, freedom of speech and way of life are things we like to treasure but they can be changed in a matter of weeks if the wrong choices are made.


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