Flood Repeat over Christmas

On the days up to Christmas the army were sent into Cumbria to build flood defences for the anticipated heavy rain on Christmas and Boxing Day.  As it happened the storm hit Lancashire and Yorkshire.  Repeat flooding in St Michael’s, Croston, Ribchester with Hebden Bridge and many places downstream including Leeds, Selby, York flooded.  Also north east Scotland.

York appeared to have the worst effects being at the confluence of 2 rivers and with a flood barrier to stop water from the Ouse going into the Foss and pumping from the Foss.  As the flood barrier mechanism got flooded a decision was made to open the gate sacrificing an area to save a bigger one, it was said.

Obviously questions are being asked about flood defences.  It appears defences built only recently weren’t enough.  There are many theories about dredging, opening flood plains, pumping, allowing woodland, different farming, building houses with different materials and styles, even houses on stilts.  The floods have been in all corners of the UK so where to invest, what to do is subject to a Parliamentary Committee said to report in April.  Watch that space, maybe.

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