Redundancies at BAE Systems

It was announced that 750 posts will go at the Warton and Samlesbury sites of BAE Systems in Lancashire.   Work on Typhoon and Hawk is decreasing.   Contracts with Saudi Arabia and Qatar continue to be discussed.

400 jobs will also be lost at Brough in East Yorkshire which has worked mainly on the Hawk.  In total 1915 jobs will go including jobs at RAF bases, as Tornado leaves service in 2019, and some in the ships business.

At the same time BAE announced that work on the F35 Lightning II at Samlesbury will be stable from 2020 for many years.  BAE makes 10% of the aircraft which is attracting orders from all over the world.

BAE also announced organisation changes which will make the aircraft business a single focus, separate from ships and land, among other changes.

How the redundancies will effect the workforce is to be announced but volunteers and early retirement are often used.  Also if the job losses are spread over a few years there will be new jobs and unfilled jobs to be met.  BAE has sites all over the UK and overseas.  Things start to get uncomfortable when compulsory redundancies are necessary.

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