Booths Supermarket Deal or No Deal

Big surprise that Booths Supermarket, headquartered in Preston, is said to be up for sale.  After last year’s loss some have speculated that a buy out, perhaps by Waitrose, could be on the cards.   The company says it’s one option in a review being carried out by consultants.

That’s Lancashire, the local TV station, have a good YouTube video on the subject.  A speaker from the Grocer Magazine suggests someone like Amazon could take a slice.

Booths have traded for 170 years starting from a store in Blackpool and now with 28 stores.  They had a smart store in Preston where Waterstones is now.  Sometimes the store has appeared a bit old fashioned but they changed tack to move out of town centres and recently closed smaller stores to open brand new smart and modern stores.

Viva Booths!


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