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British Commercial Vehicle Museum,

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This museum in Leyland, Lancashire is in part of the old Leyland Motors works close to the centre of town but well positioned for a detour off the M6, junction 28. It's signposted to the museum in Leyland, about a mile, 3 minutes drive with a decent car park outside and a small one inside.



November 2022

A visit in November 2022 to the BCVM brings something I hadn't noticed before but it was there in June. The H.Bridges, Lytham, liveried lorry, a Ford Model T. Bringing the story to life on our Bridges Transport page linked here. Thanks to the friendly guide who gave some background to this although I was struggling to remember what I'd written some 10 years ago. Apparently there is a link to Leyland and Lynx Express distributors of Tomlinson Road Leyland, now UPS it seems.

H Bridges Lytham liveried  Ford Model T lorry

The museum has some fascinating wallboards and stands about Foden and ERF of Sandbach and how the business divided through family rivalry. The first ERFoden lorry is on display. The one below is a later one with characteristic windscreens.


October 2022


Finding out about Foden. Some great wallboards and stands in the museum provide insight into how Foden divided into Foden and ERF as part of a family disagreement on the future.

Photos below of some of the ERF and Foden trucks in the museum.


The first ERF, named ERFoden at the time:

A later ERF:

A later Foden:

June 2022

A visit in June 2022 the BCVM brings some movement of exhibits and a change in operators of the cafe.

Foden at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum Leyland  June 2022


 British Commercial Vehicle Museum Leyland  June 2022



British Commercial Vehicle Museum Leyland  June 2022

At the British Commercial Vehicle Museum Leyland  June 2022


February 2019

The museum re-opened in January 2019 after a long period of refurbishment. Gone is the upstairs section near the entrance and arriving is a new ticket office and cafe, plus a brighter look and longer opening hours.

Emma's Cafe is open outside museum hours and is nicely done. The vehicles have digital displays describing their heritage.

Emma's Cafe at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum

ex-Ribble, Leyland Burlingham Seagull  JRN29  bus 963

British Commercial Vehicle Museum Feb 19

British Commercial Vehicle Museum Feb 19

British Commercial Vehicle Museum Feb 19


Here is a review with a few more photos on our blog


March 2013


Photo taken in the British Commercial Vehicle Museum Car Park March 2013. Preston Bus, hybrid fuel, on show at the Spring Event:


It contains around 70 vehicles from several manufacturers; buses, lorries, vans, fire-engines, steam and diesel powered. Has its own car park and cafe.

Very clean, nicely presented, although a bit dark. Staffed by friends. Neat cafe a bit basic. Good programme to read.  

Their website is linked at the bottom of the page. Recommended as a worthwhile detour.

Morris, Bedford, Beardmore etc vehicles, not just Leyland.

There is also a massive archive and photograph collection.

There is an entry charge.


Note this is not the official museum website, see the link at the bottom of the page.

Leyland Society Event 2015 and BCVM

Spring 2013 BCVM event report

Leyland Society Event 2006

Leyland Society event 2005.

Link to other transport museums in UK page.



My photos of inside the museum, July 2012

Atkinson Truck.

Atkinson Vehicles

Bedford Truck

Bedford Truck

Billing Stevens bus

Billings Stevens bus

Leyland bus. Fishwick of Leyland.

Leyland Tiger bus - British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Foden Truck

Foden Truck - British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Fulwood Fire Tender. They're looking for 2 horses to tow this in the Guild Procession. Contact them if you can help. Link to their website

Fulwood Fire Tender

Leyland Truck

Leyland Truck

Ribble Bus

Ribble Bus - British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Leyland Steam Vehicle.

Leyland Steam Vehicle

We all have our favourites. Here is mine. A Leyland Tiger Cub, Burlingham body. 1956. Ribble coach. X30 Glasgow.

Leyland Tiger coach


My photos of inside the museum, 2007

Beardmore - Marks & Spencer

Marks and Spencer Beardmore.

Post Office Morris

Post office, getting those wires fixed.

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Warrington Foden, London bus, Bournemouth trolley bus. This isn't there now

British Commercial Vehicle Museum

Morris Commercial sitting pretty.

2007: Hotpot with bun, Chorley cake and a mug of coffee. They'll be getting everyone in. Tasty and not microwaved either. Pleasant staff.

Note 2012: The cafe has been modernised now and the menu has changed.

2007: Serving hatch in the old canteen. This isn't there now.

A bit big for my collar, nice badges.


Archive material, can be bought on line.

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