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Preston Bus

Preston Bus 100 years of service livery at 20h September 2022


Preston Bus 100 years of service 1922 to 2022



Preston Bus hybrid at the British Commercial Vehicle Museum, Leyland, show in 2014.

Preston Bus hybrid

Preston Corporation has operated a bus service since 1922. Up to 1935 it operated along with the tram system. For some 50 years it operated largely unchanged until in 1986 bus operation was de-regulated and competition was introduced.

In 1993 the employees took over the company and it was renamed Preston Bus.

In 2006 Stagecoach introduced strong competition and in 2010 bought out the company. After an inquiry the Competition Commission declared that Stagecoach had to sell it. In 2011 the operation was bought by Rotala.

Rotala is cored in the West Midlands, with bus companies Black Diamond, Red Diamond and Blue Diamond, and coach businesses Hallmark and Flights. It has operations in and around Heathrow and Bristol. Its services in Preston are breaking into new territory.

The engineering department is in Deepdale Road, its contact address is:

Preston Bus Limited
221 Deepdale Road

Telephone: 01772 253671



In 1970s the bus livery was changed from maroon and cream to blue and white.

Check for discounted fares on Preston Bus website.

Reference: Preston Bus website,


It's good to see the CK and RN former registration plates of Preston:


Photographs of ex-Preston buses still around and one Preston Bus.

Still operating around Kirkby Stephen is this 1949 ex-Preston Corporation Bus now operated by Cumbria Classic Coaches.

Preston Corporation Transport Bus at Kirkby Stephen

In 2012 a bus was used to promote Preston Guild. Here it is at Fleetwood Tram Sunday that year.

Preston Guild  Bus at Fleetwood

At St Helens Museum of Road Transport, ex-Preston

Preston Corporatino Bus at St Helens MORT

Another ex-Preston Corporation Bus at St Helens Museum of Road Transport

ex Preston at St Helens MORT

ex Preston bus at British Commercial Vehicle Museum show April 2014

ex Preston Bus at Leyland

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