The main purpose of both website and blog is to promote Preston and the surrounding area. Particularly what the area produces.

Made in Preston, the website, started in 2002 and has steadily grown from just aircraft and buses to include history and food and plenty of other stuff.  The separate blog started in February 2009 for topical comment.

The website and blog are a retirement hobby and there is no financial input except from my pension. If there are  comments in support of something, it’s because they’re worthy, relevant or adding interest. Not because of payment.

Comments will be gladly published but they don’t appear until approved.  Thanks to Akismet spam blocker for it’s easy control of spam, of which there is plenty, and WordPress for the free blogging software. Comments are blocked on older posts as that also controls spam.

The writer now lives in the Wyre area but was brought up in Ashton and lived in the area of Walton Le Dale for many years.

In mid-2009 a blog called ‘Origin North West’ was begun to take in broader based commentary.

Linked to the website www.madeinpreston.co.uk which is generally in support of people and organisations that produce things and preferably innovate as well.

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  1. David Hughlock says:

    I have had this web site in my favorites for quite some time and having been born and raised in Preston and now having lived in the USA for almost 50 years I do visit the site maybe twice a year and I find it very interesting. I was back in Preston for the Guild celebration’s, my fourth Guild and once again enjoyed the Guild and the other couple of weeks I was there. I have never looked at the Blog page before and quite enjoyed going through it today. I will be back. Have a nice day.
    David Hughlock
    Pomona, California

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