Harris Museum and Art Gallery Jigsaw 2022

In 2022 a new jigsaw of the Harris Museum and Art Gallery is available to buy at the Library.  Note that while the Harris building is being upgraded the Library is in the Guild Hall.

Photo of the Harris Museum, Preston, Jigsaw(half of it) and box

The jigsaw is a 360 degree photo of inside the building and it looks like it’s a photo of some time ago.   It’s not an easy jigsaw and has some quirky features such as being long and thin and one that would be a spoiler to say what it is.

Until you do it you don’t realise how little you know of some features but how much you know of others.  It’s a well designed jigsaw with pieces that look similar having a similar shape, but they aren’t the same.  It involved some swapping around when the mistakes come to light.  At first it seems like it will take years to do then things suddenly speed up.  All part of the fun of jigsaws.

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