A walk in Preston – to the Tram Road Bridge 21st May 2024


A Wednesday walk arriving in Avenham Park, Preston to visit the Pavilion, shown in the first photo.  In there are some wallboards explaining the design and work for the new bridge design for the Tram Road Bridge which has flakey concrete.  Work is due to start in May.


Passing the Japanese Garden that is on the right going down into the valley of the River Ribble.

Teh Japanese Garden in Avenham Park Preston


Exhibition of the new Tram Bridge design.  On display in the Avenham Park Pavilion.


Star of the show: the Tram Road Bridge. Soon to be demolished.The Tram Road Bridge, Preston

The sign at the Tram Road bridge showing the cycle routes.  There are ways to get across as there is a cycle track up onto the East Lancs Bridge.

The East Lancashire railway bridge which you can climb up at each end and walk across it and there is a cycle track up onto the bridge.  Once there you walk or cycle along the track bed towards Lostock Hall or The Capital Centre Shopping Centre at Walton Le Dale. To the latter you can cycle along the river bank on either side.  The bridge behind being the West Coast Main Line.

The now enclosed shelter.  The Belvedere.

The promenade into Avenham Park:

Ribblesdale Place between two of the entrances to Avenham Park.

After some wandering in shops we passed the Old Black Bull on Friargate, next to the Ring Road.

Carrying on towards the centre on Friargate we come to the Town Hall, Cenotaph and Harris Library, Museum and Art Gallery.

Next stop Waterstones, here are the Preston books.


Here are local transport related books.   I made a spontaneous purchase afte my wife showed me the book ‘Quizmaster’ about a Burnley pub landlord who achieved some fame creating a pub quiz on line meaing it to be for locals but attracting worldwide teams.   Just issued in Hardback.


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