A walk in Preston – Avenham way – April 2024

The 23rd April 2024, a nice day for a walk round Preston.   This route goes along East Cliff, to Miller and Avenham Parks then along the River Ribble to the Tram Road Bridge.  Then back up above the flood plain into Frenchwood before heading up towards the Preston Minster to Fishergate.


Heading down Fishergate from the station we come to East Cliff.  An interesting road that has a very steep fall into the river valley behind the houses on the right hand side.   It also contains some very large houses, probably once owned by wealthy people but now mainly businesses or divided into flats.

First we see the headquarters of the English Football League:The HQ of the English Football League, (EFL), East Cliff, Preston 23rd April 2024

Further along on the left we have a large fairly elegant 3 storey terrace:
East Cliff, Preston, 23rd April 2024

On the right one of the large buildingsEast Cliff, Preston, 23rd April 2024The left side:
East Cliff, Preston, 23rd April 2024
East Cliff, Preston, 23rd April 2024On the right:
East Cliff, Preston, 23rd April 2024

On the right behind the houses it overlooks the sports ground.  Once English Electric Sports Ground
Preston English Electric Sports Ground 23rd April 2024

A walk under the West Coast Main Line in Miller ParkUnderpass from East Cliff into Miller Park, Preston 23rd April 2024

Along the River Ribble.West Coast Main Line crossing the River Ribble Preston, 23rd April 2024

Miller Park, Preston
MIller Park, Preston 23rd April 2024
Avenham Park, riverside walkAvenham Park, Preston, 23rd April 2024

The Tram Road Bridge.  This is now closed being structurally unsafe.  A new bridge has been approved and work is due to start in May 2024.   I might be wrong but the new design looks more obtrusive to the view.   But it only has 2 supports in the river which allows fallen trees to pass in floods without damage to the more delicate structure.

Preston Tram Road Bridge April 2024

The Frenchwood bus depot of Stagecoach.   Which older Prestonians would recall was Rbble Buses HQ and depot.  The HQ being a more interesting Art Deco style building just off this walk.

Stagecoach Bus Depot, Frenchwood, Preston, 23rd April 2024

Cardinal Newman College.  The Catholic College of Preston.
Cardinal Newman's College Preston 23rd April 2024

Cardinal Newman's College Preston 23rd April 2024


The high rises in Avenham look a lot smarter now.

Hight rise flats, Avenham, Preston 23rd April 2024

Arkwright House in Preston.  An interesting house where inventor Arkwright started his spinning frame that created a lot of wealth.  Although he had to flee to Cromford due to worker protests in Lancashire.

Arkwiright House, Preston

Preston Minster south side.

St John's Church or Preston Minster 23rd April 2024


The favourite mural.  One of many in Preston, mainly very good.

Preston mural 23rd April 2024



The Miller Arcade and behind it the Harris Museum, Art Gallery and Library which is now under renovation until 2025.

Miller Arcade and the Harris Preston April 2024

Miller Arcade.  A nice shopping centre although mainly eateries now.

Miller Arcade, Fishergate Preston April 2024

Fishergate, Preston’s main shopping street.

Fishergate Preston April 2024

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