Book Review: Types and Shadows – A history of Preston City Parish

Although published in 2015, we only recently stumbled upon this book in Preston Libary.   The library is now in the Guild Hall unfortunately while the Harris is refurbished, what a shame about the Guild Hall as well, but that’s another story.

The reading of this book was largely by dipping in.  Although the book isn’t very long, 145 pages, it seems more the sort of book you’d dip into.  It’s written in an academic manner which is good but isn’t the easiest read.

It begins with a foreword by Lord Derby who makes the stand out comment that for people in the south the term ‘once in a Preston Guild’ means nothing.  It’s one of those things that small and unintended slights niggle.   Although I have actually met Lord Derby and he went out of his way to greet people and gave a great speech very fitting to a local event.

The next section is called the Introit.   Looking it up, it’s a psalm or antiphon sung or said while the priest approaches the altar for the Eucharist.   This starts with a nicely written page describing Preston’s link with the church and continues in two more sections.

The book then covers the history of Preston in not too much depth but with depth of thought in the areas covered.  There are a lot of old maps and church art.  It’s always interested me that Preston has one of the strongest Roman Catholic presences in England. The book also covers each church in the parish.

I’ve written this without reading the whole book and if it wasn’t so highly priced I’d buy it without doubt.  But for now it will be returned to the library and if I stumble upon it somewhere it might become a purchase.

Types and Shadows - A history of Preston City Parish by Edmund J Crichton.

Types and Shadows – A history of Preston City Parish by Edmund J Crichton.


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