Royal Lancashire Show to end. Perhaps?

The show has had empty years before but today the Royal Lancashire Show committee put into place actions to put it on ice saying the costs of 2 flooded years have been too much. The Royal Lancashire Agricultural Society also say that Ribble Valley Borough Council put the final nail in the coffin by refusing to consider a revised traffic plan.  It appears there is still scope for compromise as further discussions are expected and the announcement might be thought to put some pressure on the council.

It is surprising that in a county as big as Lancashire, including its larger Palatine boundary, a location, cash and support can’t be found for such a show.  You would think that Lancashire County Council would feel strongly about it but it seems to be only local councils who are involved and they aren’t being helpful either.

On the other hand why does it have these problems. Is it the date, the location or bad planning.  As they say one mistake is unfortunate, two mistakes look like carelessness but three mistakes look like ………..

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