Lancashire County Council budget cuts

Lancashire County Council put a number of proposals forward to reduce their expenditure to meet the allocated budget from the government.

Some headlines are the closure of the Museum of Lancashire on Stanley Street, plus several other museums including Helmshore and Queens Street Mill in Burnley which are interesting presentations of Lancashire’s cotton industry.   Helmshore having a display of Richard Arkwright, born in Preston and inventor of the water frame.

Over half of the Lancashire Libraries are slated to be closed. Some unofficial comment being that areas with 2 libraries will have one closed.  Also rural bus services are to be cut back including the Fleetwood to Wyre Ferry which has been on regional TV.

In some cases it appears the proposal has been made in the hope that it will encourage other funding sources to come forward.  Perhaps the Fleetwood ferry is one and all over the country libraries are being kept open by volunteer staff.

Some comment on the news from an East Lancashire MP was that Lancashire has taken on board Preston bus station and is a waste of money.

Whether thse proposals are approved will be discussed in council this week.

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