Preston pipped by Lancaster for the highest EU Remain Vote in Lancashire

In the EU Referendum all 14 Lancashire areas voted to leave.   By percentage votes it went Preston 53/47 for leave,  Lancaster 51/49 for leave.  Highest leave was Blackpool 67/33 with Burnley next 66/34.

Preston and Lancaster have large student populations which are said to swing the vote towards Remain.  Whereas areas with big retired populations or higher unemployment are said to vote to Leave.

Nigel Evans MP for Ribble Valley was probably the most prominent MP of this area on television at the results, and was overjoyed.

Some £200 million is said by the Lancashire Evening Post to be allocated by the EU to Lancashire in the next few years.  Many would say it is money we’ve already paid to the EU.   However it was said in the campaign that all UK funding to the EU including an extra sum to cover the unpaid rebate will be allocated to the NHS,  so this Lancashire funding perhaps won’t go beyond the leaving date currently potentially September 2018.

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