Dewlay Wind Turbine at Garstang

The very large wind turbine built at the Dewlay Cheesemaker site at Garstang is now operating.  Driving past it is very impressive and creates quite a landmark.  Yesterday was a very light wind but the turbine was turning and seemed to be going at about 6rpm.  How much power will that produce?

Looking at the Dewlay website the turbine is called ‘castle of the clouds’ as named by a local schoolgirl and announced at the opening by the government Minister for Climate Change – Charles Hendry on the 9th November 2010.   Although the turbine has been installed since September.

As a single turbine it has a strong visible, contrasting and iconic impact like the Angel of the North, although not unique, and can be seen for several miles.  It could be said that adding more turbines would spoil this and create a more industrial feature undesirable in such a location.

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